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AKKAM Immigration and allied services provides solutions and meets all requirements concerning immigration, study visa's and allied services to multiple destinations across the globe. AKKAM aims to build life-long business relationships with our clients based on service with ethics and trust . We deal with Immigration and Allied requirements for Australia, America, Canada, UK, Denmark, Hongkong , Singapore and are processing inclusion of other destinations in due course of time. AKKAM has painstakingly structured its business module to be Client Friendly, by minimizing client financial inputs , providing best possible expert case management ,easily understood projection of Immigration ,Student and Visa regulations and above all a friendly success oriented interaction, which has to be experienced to see the difference . AKKAM has met the high standards expected by our clients and has successfully placed the acquired skills of our clients in a highly competitive and acceptable way. It is a privately owned registered company and aims in solving immigration needs of clients... Read more...

Error:AKKAM is primarily an immigration/ student visa consulting company that offers advice on Global options but does not provide work permits/overseas jobs.

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