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Global HR Services

Companies worldwide are wanting to acquire and retain the right talent, in the right locations, keeping in mind the costing. Similarly every country is getting professionals every year but it gets difficult for a new immigrant to understand the market trends, opportunities available and get the right job. That's where AKKAM steps in AKKAM's HR advisor's role will consist of the following aspects:


  1. 1.Making the resume to the best of Canadian Job Market Standards,

  2. 2.Guidance on job portals that are popular in Canada and assistance in applying to them,

  3. 3.Floating your resumes to 5 - 7 top Canadian HR companies,

  4. 4.Guiding you through the interview process,

  5. 5.Guidance on concerns on Settlement in Canada.

Contact us ASAP if you are moving into Canada as a new immigrant but do not know how and where to start. Our HR advisor will guide and help you on your concerns about settlement in Canada with Canada PR Visa.


  1. Making the resume to the best of Australian Job Market Standards,

  2. Guidance on job portals that are popular in Australia and assistance in applying to them,

  3. Floating your resumes to 5 - 7 top Australian HR companies,

  4. Guiding you through the interview process,

  5. Guidance on concerns on settlement in Australia.

Contact us ASAP if you are moving into Australia as a new immigrant but do not know how and where to start. Our HR advisor will guide and help you on your concerns about settlement in Australia with Australia PR Visa.


AKKAM offers professional resume writing and career consulting services. When it comes to designing and writing a resume for a client, there is no such thing as a one size fits all format or layout. Every project is specially tailored to fit a clients individual messaging, industry and content. Resume plays an important role whether you are looking for a new job in India or abroad. Countries have their specific requirements and templates for resumes. Our trained personnel are always updated with the latest in the job market trends of each nation which makes it easier to draft your resume as per country specific profession.


After you receive your Immigration Visa but before you enter your destination country, a new immigrant has many questions and doubts, we at AKKAM try and make your transition process as smooth as possible. We provide guide you on all the below mentioned aspects and many more:

  • When is the right time to travel based on financial year endings, weather condition etc

  • Airline tickets options available

  • What amount of valuables and funds are required and permissible by law

  • What to declare at the airport

  • Where are the service country specific counters at the airport

  • Which are the right settlement agencies to approach from India itself

  • What all documents to filled at the airport

  • Many more such aspects are discussed with an new immigrant by their Case manager at AKKAM.


Immigration is just the starting point of the entire settlement Process for Permanent Residence Visa. Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. We at AKKAM take care of the rest through our comprehensive and customized placement and settlement to help you settle in the country of your choice. While we may not be present at your immigration destination but our Settlement Division takes on the job to prepare our clients right from the stage they retain our services, guiding them to upgrade their educational qualifications and acquire additional professional skills required in the country they are immigrating to. Our aim is to help you towards a smooth settlement.

  • Airport pick up

  • Helping you find a pre-arranged accommodation

  • Counseling session regarding the job market by the HR advisor

  • Assistance to apply for social security card, Permanent Resident card, driving license, health card and other such country specific essential requirements

  • Help in the opening if a bank account and credit card

  • Providing essential basic information, that includes taxation, housing, business, health, education, shopping and others.

Global Imaging and Profesional Bios

  • Resume Editing & Analysis

  • LinkedIn Profile Development

  • Cover Letters

  • Follow Up Communications

  • Professional Bios

  • Online Profile

  • Personal Brand Development

  • Interview Preparation

Immigration Enquiry

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