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AKKAM Overseas services provides solutions and meets all requirements concerning immigration, study visa's and allied services to multiple destinations across the globe.

AKKAM aims to built life-long business relationships with our clients based on service with ethics and trust . We deal with Immigration and Allied requirements for Australia, America, Canada, UK, Denmark, Hongkong , Singapore and are processing inclusion of other destinations in due course of time . AKKAM has painstakingly structured its business module to be Client Friendly, , by minimizing client financial inputs , providing best possible expert case management ,easily understood projection of Immigration ,Student and Visa regulations and above all a friendly success oriented interaction, which has to be experienced to see the difference . AKKAM has met the high standards expected by our clients and has successfully placed the acquired skills of our clients in a highly competitive and acceptable way. It is a privately owned registered company and aims in solving immigration needs of clients all over the world with a depth of experience and with the overall goal of meeting our client's needs in a timely and professional way.

An established and officially recognised immigration and student visa consulting firm expert in acquiring - skills, family, business, student and permanent residence visas. We have a success rate of close to 100%: one of the highest in the industry. Our qualified team is committed to establish a reputation based on trust. We pride ourselves in offering a responsive customised service while maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and dedication to client service. AKKAM is known for its convenient and complete migration solution for residence visa processing, business migration, student visas and resettlement with our experience in visa processing as our core endeavour, we are dedicated to offer a broad range of services. The information presented in our website has been structured to carefully include all relevant aspects in a precise and concise manner excluding unnecessary material to enable the applicants to evaluate all options in simple and logical manner.


Thousands of applicants apply but hundreds of them are refused or delayed. The procedure and rules are confusing that one is unable to figure out the suitable visa for self. If everything goes well, then documentation is one tedious task which brings refusal at times. Therefore, every applicant needs a professional assistance, expert guidance and experienced advice to process the case and secure for you the best possible option.

Every country invites migrants, skilled labour and students but the policies are intricate and at times confusing needing constant updating of the immigration regulations. Immigration website of each country is generally self-explanatory and categorized apparently but its application to the specific qualification of an applicant needs professional inputs.

AKKAM projects your profile to your best advantage and gives you a free assessment of the best possible options applicable to you. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you have to enable you to come to a final decision; there-after we take over the important task of preparing ,submitting and pursuing your fully documented and risk-free case on your behalf for a speedy and hassle- free processing and approval of your case before you embark on your mission; we will share your pride in your success and establish a life-long bondage.

Mail your resume and if applicable, spousal resume to contact@akkamimmigration.com for a free of charge assessment. Or simply fill-up on-line enquiry form to submit your profile with AKKAM

About Our Core Leadership

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Nona Bains

Managing Director

Some words About MD

Ms. Nona Bains is a highly qualified professional with dual Masters in Accounting & International Business, and in Philosophy in Banking. She had moved to the US at a very young age with permanent resident status and stayed there for 15 years which gave her an exposure to the western culture. She has extensively travelled to many countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Dubai, and many more.

Travelling to various international destinations gave her the good insights into the specific lifestyles, cultures, and career and settlement options offered by various countries.

Most of the consultants have never experienced immigration themselves, nor have they travelled to countries of their interest. All their knowledge is mostly web-driven. She has numerous years of professional experience in the immigration industry. Her knowledge and practical experience of immigration laws, government requirements, and procedures are unmatchable. Her major thrust is to maintain the highest possible standards of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, and dedication to client-service in AKKAM.

She is recognized by the CEO Magazine as among the top "30 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in India - 2018."

She is published as one among the “Wonder Women of Hyderabad” by “You and I Magazine.”

Sumanth E


Some words About CEO

Mr. Sumanth E has been associated full-time with Akkam Overseas Services into Training and Guiding Clients in preparing to reach their Dream Destination.

With more than 15 years of experience in immigration, sales, marketing, and event management, he is committed to making the company reach out of the crowd and make every single client happy in reaching their requirements and dream destination.

He did dual masters in HR and Information Technology and have worked with the top immigration consultants in India.

Sumanth E has been associated with a variety of functional areas at Akkam Overseas Services from Operations, Accounting, and Finance to Advertising and Marketing. Like all first generation entrepreneurs he believes that if a job has to be done, it has to be done any way possible.

Sumanth is a keen follower of a wide range of sports. He also enjoys listening to music as it’s the medicine of the mind and "every task is successful with a happy mind."